Joseph Moore’s Birthday Open House!

Joseph Moore’s 44th birthday (it only comes around once every four years…) will be celebrated with a museum marathon open house Wednesday February 29th from 1 pm until 1 am on March 1st. There will be events for kids, students, and friends of all ages. Kids won’t want to miss the pajama bedtime story at 7pm in the museum lobby. No one will want to miss the museum coming to life at midnight, strange things happen once every four years at midnight in the Joseph Moore Museum, and this year will be no exception.

Listen to the Earlham College podcast about the open house here:

What can you do at Open House?

Ongoing: Where’s Waldo, Illumination Station, Activity Centers, Collection Rooms Open, Refreshments, Face Painting

3 pm Skinning Demo
4 pm Honeycreepers Unveiling
4:30 pm Planetarium Show
6:30 pm Planetarium Show
7 pm Bedtime Stories
8 pm Our Mysterious Mummy
9:30 pm New Measures Performance
11:45 pm “Celebration in the Museum”

The museum staff is hard at work getting ready for open house…

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