Meet our new Collections Manager!

Joining the staff at the Joseph Moore Museum this fall as our new Collections Manager is Anne-Eliza Lewis. She comes to us from New York State, where she was the executive director of the Columbia County Historical Society just south of Albany. A historical archeologist by trade, Anne-Eliza earned her Ph.D. from Boston University and has done research on American history through material culture, looking at history through objects instead of documents.

Now what exactly does a Collections Manager do at the Joseph Moore Museum? Well Anne-Eliza is a steward of the collections, making sure they are safe and preserved as a resource for future generations. She approaches the collection as a permanent structure that will last longer than any one person working on it, and therefore its crucial to balance using the collection for research and maintaining its integrity as a record. She plans to improve the collection’s housing while modernizing the preservation and cataloguing systems. Under Anne-Eliza’s care the JMM will be moving to a more digital cataloguing system that will make our collection accessible online to both researchers and other institutions.

Anne-Eliza will also ensure there is a system for students to have access to the collection and make it possible for them to get hands-on experience working with specimens. Her favorite part of working here so far has been the sense of community between faculty and students, and she hopes to make it easier for students to practice their curating skills.

So please help us in giving a very warm welcome to Anne-Eliza from everyone here in the Earlham and Richmond community. We’re very happy to have her here as a great addition to our staff and look forward to her presence for years to come.

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