New Residents at the Joseph Moore Museum

Not long ago, the staff at the museum discovered a new species in the Marshes of Indiana diorama. A tiny residence, suitable for only the smallest of creatures, now sits in the corner of the exhibit. What a marvel it is! These new inhabitants used all the bits and pieces left over from other displays around the museum to make their home cozy. Vertebrae line the door to the home, with one special spinal bone for the door handle. Snake skin covers their wooden table, set with seashell bowls and plates. Extra furs and skins help make miniature beds warm.

Who could have put together such a lovely home so quickly? The staff has done a little research, and we think we’ve identified the organisms making the museum their permanent address. Similar tiny houses have appeared in the Michigan university town of Ann Arbor. One human resident of the town, Jonathan B. Wright, is the foremost expert in these creatures, which he has named “Urban Fairies”. Mr. Wright has documented all of the appearances of the fairies and their houses in Ann Arbor on this website. Speculation as to why the urban fairies moved into many shops and businesses is widespread. One theory holds that the loss of the typical woodland fairy habitat has pushed them into cities to live amongst humans.

However they came, we’re glad they’ve moved in to look after the museum when we’re not around. We just hope they don’t frighten the reptiles too much! Come in to the museum to see the fairy house in person! (Pictures will be posted online soon.)

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