Grants Awarded to JMM staff

Grants Awarded to JMM staff

Congratulations to members of the Joseph Moore Museum staff and museum class participants Hannah Blue Rose, Casey McCabe, Bailey Heinzen, Ketih Runyan, and John Edoussaint on the acceptance of their grant proposal! These students received a significant Student Action Research grant from the Earlham College Center for Environmental Action to help fund the renovation of our insect exhibit. Their work on the project, entitled “The Interdependence of Humans and Insects” will be unveiled at our annual Open House on April 6. Thanks to the CEA for their support!

John Iverson, Emeritus Director of the museum, also received a grant this week from the National Science Foundation. He has continued student-faculty research funding for a long-running (since 1981) experiment with colleagues at Iowa State University about the effects of temperature on sex determination in painted turtles. Congratulations, John!

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One thought on “Grants Awarded to JMM staff

  1. Well done, John! Especially with the abysmal funding rates!

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