Professors and Posters of Projects, Oh My! The Continuing Saga of the Harpy Genome Project

By Bailey Heinzen

Hello Everyone! Here’s a little update about what the Harpy Eagle Genome group has been doing this past week! We’ve had two main foci this week, one of them being reflecting on the wonderful day trip we had to Purdue University on September 29th. We met a group of researchers led by Andrew DeWoody and Jacqueline Doyle who had sequenced the genome of a Golden Eagle; it was great to meet other people who have research similar to the project we’re working on right now. You can read more about that trip in Ashley Hedrick’s blog post from last week.

The second thing we’ve been focusing on this week is preparing a poster for Earlham College’s Research Conference, where anyone who has done or is currently doing research can present a poster of their findings to Earlham students, professors and alumni. We’re still working on the poster, but so far we’ve come up with an abstract and a basic design. Each person in the group will have a small section to talk about their individual hypothesis: Sonia’s will be about bone growth and development, Rachel’s will be about behavioral genes, Ashley’s will be about MHC (a molecule involved in the immune system), and mine will be about the Harpy Eagle’s sense of smell. I think the hardest part about making the poster is keeping the writing concise; it’s so tempting to share a lot of information and details about what we’ve learned, rather than just the most basic concepts. I’m really excited to finish our poster and share it with the rest of Earlham!

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