Danger, Will Robinson! Mars Mania Approaches!



By Lindsay Freed


In my recent conversation with Earlham College junior and Joseph Moore Museum host, Chris Angell, he told me a little bit about the museum’s upcoming Mars event, ‘Mars Mania!’ The museum will be celebrating the rover Curiosity’s birthday; she turned one year old on August 5, 2013. The event will be open to all ages, Chris says, and elementary school aged kids especially will love the fun Mars-themed activities. Adults and kids alike who attend the event will learn about what Curiosity has been up to: how she confirmed that there was once running water on Mars, how she measured the radiation humans would be exposed to on their way to Mars were they to go, and the status of methane on the planet today. Visitors will hear a bit about what implications Curiosity’s data have for life on the fourth planet from the sun. There will be a stellar planetarium show on how Curiosity has spent her time that will blow the minds of all ages. Last but certainly not least, the museum currently has some real live NASA products, like a tile that would go on the outside of a spacecraft that you can touch and learn about at Mars Mania! Chris also tells me that we should keep our ears and eyes peeled for a pod cast that will soon be posted on both this blog and the museum’s Facebook page, which also has information on the Mars event.


Now that you can’t wait to learn more about Mars and the rover, check out this video about SAM, (Sample Analysis at Mars) and how she helped sing happy birthday to Curiosity. And don’t forget to come to the museum Saturday, November 16th between 10am and 5pm to get the whole story!

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