The Best Job Ever (You Could Do It, Too)

By Emily McGrew

“So…what do you actually do at the museum?”

I get this question a lot. The short answer is I work in web media and as a tour guide. But the long answer, when people are willing to listen, encompasses so many more experiences, from cleaning up after our live animals to researching and designing new signs for them. Just as a sample, in my first month at the museum, I painted a ceiling, cleaned out a collections cabinet, created flyers for an event, and put party hats on the big skeletons to take promotional photos for open house (By the way, open house this year is March 1, more info to come!)

Kate Roosa, another marketing team member, has a different experience of the museum than mine, though:

(Thanks to Earlham College’s marketing division for the fantastic video!)

Working at the museum is undoubtedly the best work experience I could have had at college. I’ve learned so many skills that help me when I apply for jobs, not only in terms of lines on my resume, but in confidence to say that yes, I can take on an independent project and do well. Like Kate, I also spent a summer working in the museum where I and another intern took on the work of the entire student staff team, from hosting to caring for the animals, to keeping the web media up-to-date and staffing museum events.

Hey, speaking of summer internships, if you’re an Earlham student interested in the museum, you can apply for this year’s summer internship! Click here to read about the jobs and start your application. Deadline to apply is March 1 for the museum, so time is running out if you want to learn with us here at the museum!

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