Ode to the Mind

by Chris Angell


I was inspired by the Celebration of the Mind event at the museum to write a poem about how great minds are!


You are made of lots of parts

They’re all important, from bones to heart,

from lungs, to lips, to liver, to spleen!

But what about those parts unseen?


We are more than just organs–it’s true!

Let’s talk about another important part of you.

The thing that makes you one-of-a-kind,

It’s the way you think: it’s called your mind!


Minds let you dream and think and plan,

and contemplate and understand.

Where have the hidden numbers gone

in your folded paper flexagon?

What is a torus, and how–if you please–

can I make one with string and beads?


Your mind can get tricked. That’s a fact,

As we learned in Tony Truitt’s magic act!

I still don’t know how those rabbits swapped

from hat to hat without jumping out the top…


But all in all, your mind is great,

So give it some thanks, it’s never too late.

With all it does, I hope you’ll find

We all should always celebrate the Mind!

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