Bats emerging

We have a new visitor at the Joseph Moore Museum, a little brown bat that emerged on campus a little too early. Have you seen bats around recently?

IMG_9391IMG_9397 The fluctuating temperatures may cause some bats to come out of hibernation early and some bats arouse during the winter months to hydrate at infrequent intervals. In particular, bats who are suffering from white nose syndrome may especially need hydration. Many bat populations are experiencing drastic declines from white nose syndrome and a recent study found evidence that dehydration may play a role in increasing mortality from white nose syndrome.

If you find a bat, to keep the bat and yourself safe do not touch the bat with your bare hands. Also, do not force your bat out into the cold.  In this cold weather the bats will freeze almost immediately if let outside. They will fare a lot better once overnight temperatures are sustained at ~40 degrees. Call the Animal Care Alliance (765)488-1342. They are located at 4101 National Rd. West Richmond, IN. We’ll be sending our bat visitor their way too! Overnight, our public safety was able to coral the bat safely into a carrier, where there is water and a comfortable branch for resting.


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