Welcome Back!

It’s been a few weeks since the first day of classes, and the fall semester is in full swing. Each semester always brings change to the museum: students graduate, or leave campus to study abroad, and new team members are greeted with open arms. This semester’s change is particularly poignant, as we bade farewell to nine graduating students (a third of the staff!) Alongside the departure of many other staff members for study abroad programs, the effect was stark.

Yet with our first meeting of the school year, we were able to welcome back staff members who had studied abroad last semester, as well as many excited new faces. Each staff meeting is bustling with people, and everyone is energetically working towards completing their goals each week, from replacing collections trays to preparing for tours. We also welcomed a new non-student staff member this semester, our new community engagement director Erika Nelson. (Stay tuned into the blog in the next couple weeks to learn more about Erika and her work with the museum!)

The new semester promises exciting new events, and other changes to the museum beyond staff demographics. We are all eagerly looking forward to the introduction of a new exhibit on climate change in November, and are hard at work planning for the myriad other events set to make this semester great! We are also very excited to begin work on redesigning our existing exhibits, and we have wonderful guidance in the process.

Things are different, as they always are at the start of a new semester. Perhaps it’s a little more different this semester than last. But it’s good to be back, and the rest of 2015 promises to be even better.

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