Wrapping Up The Semester: Overview and Accomplishments

The museum has had a productive and busy semester. Our collective efforts have allowed us to put on successful museum events, improve the museum exhibits and programs, and reach out to the community as a whole.


During this Fall Semester, we have accomplished the following:



A reusable display was made for traveling advertisement and for events in Richmond. This new display debuted at an event in the park in the Richmond community. We had great help from graphic designer, Noah Medlen, who taught us about branding, visual communication, and marketing. A photo-booth Allosaurus and Triceratops head was also made in the wood shop for such occasions, so people may take dinosaur selfies. In addition, an Allosaurus claw was made by the 3D printer and is now used by hosts of the museum to give visitors a closer, more hands-on look at the Dinosaur that we have.






The new CST building at Earlham has allowed us to put up a display in order to show the public about what we have to offer! An informational poster and artifacts from our collections were picked and placed into the display case. The CST display was done and put up in time for Homecoming and received a good amount of positive feedback.











We talked with authors of a new study about the track patterns of Mastodons, and found that the size, shape, and arrangement needed to be altered in order to be scientifically accurate. Therefore, Fab Lab measured and cut new stencils in order to re-paint them. New Allosaurus footprints were painted over the old, fading ones. Follow these tracks across campus to give us a visit!











The Climate Change event allowed the museum to unveil a new exhibit, and it was a huge success! New photographs were hung that had been gathered from public and professional submissions. The opening of the exhibit featured many interactive stations to help the visitors better understand climate change. These stations ranged from screen-printing to investigating climate data through technology. We are so grateful for everyone’s collective efforts and participation. A big thanks to all museum staff, the class Environment and Society taught by Jamey Pavey, the Science and Pseudoscience class taught by Michael Lerner, CS Applied Groups, Cope Environmental Center, and the Richmond Art Museum. Over 200 people attended this event!






One of our Fab Lab members cut and painted 60 blocks in order to make Ecosystem Jenga! This game was a huge success at the Climate Change event. It serves to be a fun and interactive activity, while also educating the participants about the effects on ecosystems and the interactions within them. Jenga will be used in future events as well, so look forward for some more toppling fun!









Fab Lab is working on creating a new logo for the Joseph Moore Museum, and has been brainstorming on and reviewing many different ideas. This logo will go on buttons and other paraphernalia for the promotion of the museum. The Giant Beaver is the new approach for representation for the museum.




The overall goals of this semester were to create new programs and activities, improve on what we have to offer, and to bring the Joseph Moore Museum closer to the Richmond community and to the students of Earlham College. As a museum team as a whole, we feel that we have had a successful and engaging semester, and we are proud of all that we have accomplished.


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