Debriefing: Notable Quotes

Overheard in the lab:

“Science isn’t all serious.”

“Maybe there was a giant beaver war”–suggestion as to why giant beavers became extinct

“For people who enjoy beavers, this is a sad time.”

“Tiny baby beaver teeth”

“We may be able to use the force, but we can’t keep the lights on”–when the lights in the modern lab kept automatically going off even when we were using the centrifuge

“My fingers are indeed dirty. I will get new fingers.”–said when new gloves were needed

Tare Puns:

“That’s terrible,” “Only a terrorist would do that,” “You’re tearing up our hearts,” “I’m going to tear myself away,” and many more.

2016-05-11 14.40.48
Heather wearing a beaver


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